If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!

My name is Dani Whitestone and I love helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and achieve their dreams because I know how possible it is! 

My parents were not entrepreneurs, I didn't have any money starting out (even sleeping on a floor at one point!), I worked my way through school by waitressing, and my friends and family told me not to start a business. 

The only thing I had was a passion for business and a huge streak of red-headed stubbornness. My goal was to have a company worth over a million dollars by the time I was 35 and become a self-made millionaire. And I did it. 
It was awesome. OMG it was HARD! 

I wish I had a time machine where I could go back to when I was just starting out and give myself the support, coaching, resources, and knowledge I have now because it would have made life so much easier.
Even though I can't do this for myself, I can do it for other women. And THAT makes me ridiculously happy because I truly believe small business is a spiritual path that allows us to live our true purpose and bring the incredible 
value of our gifts to the world. 

Experience Matters

There are a lot of people calling themselves business coaches lately - even if they have little to no business experience! Small business owners have enough challenges without getting bad advice that could be deadly for their business.

If you are considering hiring a coach, ensure you are working with someone who has actual successful entrepreneurial experience.

One of my career highlights was being the sole female co-founder of TurboLaw Software. I acted as the director of sales and marketing and led this company through two recessions before I sold it and could retire at 42. 

My Coaching Style

What's the cost of not reaching your goals?
If you are like most people, it is pretty high. This is why many people hire a coach.

So what is coaching?
Coaching is all about you, defining and reaching your goals.

My coaching style is a blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching. What's the difference? Coaching is asking the right questions so you can find the answers within yourself.  It's incredibly empowering. Mentoring is sharing experience. Teaching is presenting new information in a fun and entertaining way. I'm a former state certified teacher and have found my education background invaluable.

Certifications Make a Difference

Many untrained coaches think coaching is giving well-intentioned (but many times) misguided advice. They completely miss harnessing power and brilliance of their own client! When done right, coaching is a beautiful, life-changing and empowering experience for the client AND the coach!

I'm always learning so I can better serve my clients. My certifications are:
Business & Leadership - John Maxwell
Strategic Life Coaching - Robbins Madanes
Health and Wellness - Holistic Nutrition
Education & Teaching - Formerly State Certified 


Despite facing a number of challenges throughout her journey, Dani overcame all the odds and went on to start a successful, prosperous business. She is an example of how, through sheer dedication, perseverance, and hard work, you can create the intentional and purposeful life you desire, regardless of your background and societal expectations. It is important to surround yourself with large-minded people who will stretch you beyond your current boundaries. She serves as a daily inspiration to me in working toward my goals as well as investing in my personal growth and future.
Rori Coakley - Real Estate Entrepreneur
Danielle is not only a positive powerhouse, her business skills are an inspiration as well. Perhaps it is that endless supply of energy coupled with a hunger for knowledge and growth that makes her such a successful business owner and entrepreneur. I had a wonderful opportunity to sit with her, one on one, and discuss a business plan I had. Breaking it down into its simplest form, Dani was able to help me address my concerns and wishes and then offer me avenues she knew of to bring my idea to fruition. 
Danielle is a beacon of light and anyone in her ray will surely be better for it!
Rebecca Kiszka, Northern Isles Jewelry

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